The well-meaning friends who told me that remodeling would be a nightmare obviously hadn't worked with West Construction. Bill and his fabulous crew installed beautiful hardwood floors in four large rooms in addition to completely remodeling my kitchen. Not only am I delighted with the result, but they finished on time and within budget.I've never seen people work as diligently as Hector, Francisco, and Armando. They were trustworthy and polite, and they really cared that we would have exactly what we wanted. Their intelligent suggestions took into consideration problems that I would never have thought of, thereby avoiding disaters that a less knowledgeable crew might have neglected. They made a potentially stressful experience stressfree. I recommend them unreservedly.

Mary Johnson, Ball Ground, GA

West Construction has done many projects for us, all well done professionally and at reasonable cost. The most amazing one was taking out a raw basement and turning it into an attractive and comfortable living space including adding a full bath. Bill and his team turn out consistent quality work, but beyond that we trust them implicitly. Most of the work we've had done was completed while we've been on vacation trips. We can't say enough how pleased we would be to come home and have the projects completed. If you want to job done right, reasonably and in a timely manner, West Construction is your answer.

Marsha and Bob McOsker, Tucker, GA

Six years ago, we decided to convert the deck on our home to a sunroom. We consulted Bill West of West Construction. Bill incorporated our ideas with professional and sound construction. Within a matter of weeks he and his crew had created a beautiful space which exceeded our expectations. Our sunroom has added a new dimension to our home and we have spent many enjoyable hours there entertaining family and friends. We highly recommend West Construction for any remodeling or construction needs.

Bob & Mary Nell Burns, Tucker, GA

I have known Bill West for about 25 years. The most important thing to say is that he truly cares about people, and genuinely cares that people are pleased with and satisfied with his work. Over the years, he has done many, many projects and repairs in my house, both big and small. Obviously, if he didn't do outstanding work I wouldn't keep asking him for more. Many of the projects have been routine --- electrical and plumbing repairs, wall and ceiling repairs, and the like. I can't think of one that hasn't been done professionally and cleanly, in a very timely manner, and at a very reasonable, better-than-competitive price.

But he has also done some non-conventional projects, and these have been the most fun and the most satisfying. My favorite one was having him construct a 3000 square-foot outdoor cat enclosure to protect the cats from coyotes, fox, raccoons, and the like. There are companies that manufacture "enclosures" with no top, but we needed something that would also provide protection from hawks and owls. So we asked Bill if he was interested, and he dove in enthusiastically. He took the time and effort to research and experiment with the best materials to use, from the correct wire to use (heavy and sturdy enough to provide protection but light enough to be practical for use on top), to the best way to secure the fencing to the ground (a main concern was that coyotes can dig under a regular fence; after trying several materials and methods, he ended up driving metal rods into the ground to secure the wire). Each facet of the construction was unique, and he had to experiment quite a bit, because there were no models or templates to learn from. The end result was fabulous. It accomplished exactly what we wanted it to, was very sturdily constructed (still looks fine to this day, 5 years after being out in the weather), and ended up costing less than if we bought roofless fencing from a commercial company!

I can think of no one I would rather recommend for any type of home project or repair. I have recommended Bill to several people, and they are now his regular customers as well. If you would like to ask Bill for my phone number, I would be most happy answer any questions you may have and to provide more detail about his work for you!

Skip Romaner, Atlanta, GA